Former Quincy City Manager Files Federal Lawsuit Against City

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Quincy's former city manager is suing the city.

Jack McLean filed his complaint in federal court.

He claims the city is illegally holding more than $60-thousand dollars of his pension.

McLean also claims the city has failed to pay 1000 hours of annual and sick leave as well as severance pay as part of his employment agreement.

Quincy's city commission terminated McLean in March on a 3-2 vote.

Quincy has been plagued with financial problems including trouble paying vendors on time.

Current Quincy Interim City Manager Mike Wade says it's against city policy to comment on a pending lawsuit.

"We're in deep trouble as citizens in Quincy, Florida."

Jack McLean, Jr. was removed from his position by the city commission because of his financial decisions pertaining to the city. Quincy citizens are concerned because it's costing taxpayers $150,000 of severance and leave pay in one lump sum.

"I think its a bad move on the commissioners part to allow emotions and outside influence to a make a decision to get rid of the manager," said Emanuel Sapp.

McLean was city manager for 5 years. Commissioner Derrick Elias motioned for the removal and says it was necessary for the city to move on.

"For me it was a lose, lose proposition either way. I believe if we allowed the manager to stay it would have cost us money by removing the manager it still has the potential to cost us money, it might not be as much as we anticipated it being, but it was time to cut our loses," said Elias.

Mike Wade was named interim city manager.

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