Quincy Commissioner Alleges Corruption

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By: Chris Gros
August 12, 2014

Quincy, FL - Quincy City Commissioner Keith Dowdell believes someone is breaking Florida’s Sunshine Laws by destroying documents.

The city of Quincy is preparing for an investigation to find out if these allegations are true.

"I requested the documents and they wouldn't give it to me. It took three and half almost four months so that led me to believe something is going on," said Dowdell.

Dowdell made that request after he says a contracted Smart Grid employee was denied full time city employment after it was promised. This happened after former city manager Jack McLean was fired in March.

Now Dowdell wants to know why he was told by Interim City Manager Mike Wade's office the documents were discarded because of policy.

"He froze up, he act like I don't want to talk. But as a commissioner and I'm supposed to be one of your five bosses, if I ask you a question you should give me an answer," said Dowdell.

When asked if he would comment on the situation Wade declined because of the pending investigation. Quincy commissioners will launch that investigation into Dowdell's claims once a framework for subpoena power is established by the city's attorney.

More details are expected to be released at the next Quincy Commission Meeting on August 26th.

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