Quincy Police Chief on Gun Control

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Quincy, FL - The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting has made a lot of people stop and think more about guns.

WCTV spoke to a local police chief about his views and suggestions to Vice President Joe Biden.

Walt McNeil has seen a lot in more than 20 years in law enforcement.

As Quincy's police chief he says gun violence isn't new - but the availibility of assault weapons and armor has made it harder for them to fight.

Tuesday he spoke at a Progressive Democrats meeting; the topic - assault weapons.

Walt McNeil, Quincy Police Chief, stated, "Do citizens have the right to have bazookas? Do they have the right to have grenades, grenade launchers? Where does it stop in terms of the right to bear arms?"

McNeil is the former president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He just got back from a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden in Washington D.C. about how they can better protect the country.

Walt McNeil, Quincy Police Chief: "like most things I understand that there's a huge amount of politics that relates to this issue but I'm guardedly optimistic that we're going to get some things in place."

One of IACP's recommendations is making certain types and quantities of ammunition illegal.

McNeil knows people would break the law, but he says if there's a law to break, officers can lock up the offenders before it's too late.

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