Quincy Police Dispatch Receives Special “Certified Training Academy” Status

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Effective October 2012, all 911 Telecommunicators working within the State of Florida must be certified and must continue certification every two years. To receive certification, the person must take an approved course, at an approved location for a minimum of 232 hours, and then pass the state certification test.

As of September 18, 2013, the Quincy Police Department was designated a certified training academy approved by the Department of Health to deliver the state-approved curriculum to new 911 public safety dispatchers. Our 240 hour courses exceeds the state minimum and provides training for newly appointed dispatchers in:

• Professional Ethics and the Role of Telecommunicator
• Guidelines and Operational Standards of Call Classification and Prioritization
• Communication Equipment and Resources
• Communication and Interpersonal Skills
• Operational Skills
• Fire Department Role and Responses. Hazardous Materials Awareness
• Emergency Medical Services Role and Responses
• Law Enforcement Role and Responses
• Stress Management Techniques
• Duties and Responsibilities of a Public Safety Telecommunicator
• Emergency Management Practices

This DOH approval as an academy saves the citizens of Quincy revenue by being its own training academy to provide the statutorily mandated training to newly hired dispatchers. In addition to basic training, all operators complete an intensive in-service training program under the guidance of certified and experienced communication training officers.

For further information about this program please contact QPD Capt. Robert Mixson at (850) 627-0138.

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