Quincy Police Make Drug Arrest, Ask Community to Help Identify Drug Dealers

Tony Pruitt Quincy Florida Mug
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Quincy, FL - On Monday night at 10:15PM Quincy Police Lieutenant Eric Howell was on routine patrol at 427 S. Stewart Street, Gadsden Arms Apartments.

Lt. Howell observed a man standing next to a vehicle and talking to the driver of the car. When the two men saw Lt. Howell’s marked patrol vehicle the man on foot quickly walked away and the driver of the car drove off and parked.

Lt. Howell, who is also QPD’s K-9 Handler, made contact with the male and female driver and passenger of the car. The passenger also happened to be the owner of the vehicle.

The driver of the car appeared and acted very nervous which caused Lt. Howell, a veteran lawman and K-9 Handler, to ask if there were any illegal drugs in the car.

The driver of the car denied any drugs however when the passenger and owner of the car was asked she replied there may be drugs in the car.

Upon searching the car with the owner’s consent the officer found a bag of marijuana, a concealed loaded 9mm handgun, ammunition and cash folded into denomination groups. Money folded this way is typical for street level drug dealers.

Arrested was: Tony Lorenzo Pruitt, 23, of 121 Cordova Rd., Quincy. Pruitt was charged with felony possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and violation of probation.

Quincy Police have focused on combating illegal drug sales and use in this housing complex and want to advise anyone with thoughts of selling drugs in Quincy to rethink it.

According to Assistant Chief of Police Glenn Sapp “During the past year and a half the QPD has worked hard with neighborhood leaders, crime watch groups and youth to build trust and prove our commitment to a safe community. Drugs really do destroy dreams.

We want to encourage all of our young men that having a gun, a bag of dope and a small amount of pocket cash doesn’t make you a big man and sure isn’t worth going to prison. We need the citizens of Quincy to contact us if you know of or suspect someone of dealing drugs. With your help the leaders of the QPD have faith that together we can make a difference.”

If you would like to help us to rid our City of illegal drugs and have information that will help please contact Asst. Chief Glenn Sapp at (850) 627-0134 or Crime Stoppers at (850) 574-TIPS. Regardless of which you call you can remain anonymous.

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