Quincy Police Roll Out New 'NICE' Motto

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Press Release: Quincy Police Department

Quincy Police Department Rolls Out New

Department Motto: “NICE”

The Quincy Police Department has just received the first of several new police vehicles ordered several months ago. Along with the new vehicles the agency is rolling out a new motto. The motto: “NICE” stands for; (Neighborly – Integrity – Civility – Ethics) is displayed on the side of the first new vehicle a K9 vehicle and will be displayed on all to follow.

QPD Chief Walt McNeil and his Command Staff developed the motto as a part of the department’s continued efforts to demonstrate community policing and partner with the citizens and neighborhoods in Quincy. According to Asst. Chief Glenn Sapp “we are one; the citizens are the police and the police are the citizens”. We value and count on our community to assist us in doing our job professionally and with compassion, kindness and yes niceness.

“NICE” is also an extension of the agency’s affirmation of “Service Before Self” which reminds all our employees and volunteers that the service we provide to our community is far more important than any benefit we may gain as individuals.

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