Quitman Man Arrested In Violent Armed Robbery Caught On Tape

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Quitman, GA - A masked man stormed behind the counter demanding money at a gas station convenience store.

With the barrel of his gun, the man ordered the two clerks to the floor. Lying helpless, they had no choice but to give the man what he wanted.

Dinesh Patel is the store manager at "Mac's Gas and Go" in Quitman, Georgia. He showed us surveillance video of the man stealing $900 cash and two cartons of cigarettes. Then he ran off on foot.

That was Monday evening around 6:30. It took Quitman Police only six hours to catch Andrew Rogers early Tuesday morning.

The man may have made a big mistake when he didn't cover his face until he was already in the store. And police say that's not smart when the man in question lives in Quitman, a town with less than 4,000 people.

Shortly after the robbery, Dinesh Patel suffered a minor heart attack. He spent six hours in the local hospital before he was released.

Patel just wishes people wouldn't do such cruel things to each other, especially during the holiday season.

"I need nice people to come to the store. Not bad people," said Patel.

Andrew Rogers is in Brooks County Jail awaiting further legal processing.

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