Railroad Crossing In Brooks County Causing Residents Problems

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By: Emily Johnson
August 27, 2014

Brooks County, GA - "It's just beating our vehicles to death, it's tearing them up," said Juanita Cason

Cason and others showed us Wednesday a railroad crossing that's deteriorating and causing a lot of problems. Cason said they just want some help in getting it fixed.

"It's been years ago that it was better and recently in the past three years it has really gone bad, I guess with all the traffic that's on it," said Cason.

Hayward Browning, who lives right next to the railroad crossing on Empress Road said sometimes he's even woken up at night from the sound of people driving across the tracks.

"It will wake me up when a car comes across there, bump, bump. It gets pretty loud sometimes so yeah it's pretty bad," said Browning.

Residents said the railroad crossing is so bad that you can even see spikes sticking up out of the ground. Caroline Barnes' son even had a tire bust from the tracks.

"He just came across here and it wasn't the best tire in the world, but you can see the holes and gullies here it just popped the tire. I've heard from other people that it has damaged their cars and damaged their tires," said Barnes.

The residents said they've contacted the county and some railroad companies, but haven't made any headway.

Brooks County said it's up to the railroad companies to fix the crossings. They told us each complaint they receive gets forward to the railroad companies.

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