Rally For Kendrick Johnson

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Emily Johnson
-Valdosta, GA

Family, Friends and Supporters were chanting "No Justice, No Peace" at the Lowndes County Judicial Complex earlier today. They gathered there to hold a rally for Kendrick Johnson. People came from all the state of Georgia to the rally. "I'm here today to support any cause for unjustiness that has been done for our black youth and not just black you it's all nationalities," says Waycross, GA resident Jeanette Thomas.

On January 1st, 17 year-old Kendrick Johnson was found in a rolled-up wrestling mat behind the gym bleachers at Lowndes County High School. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted an autopsy 3 days and said the cause of death was accidental. However since then a second autopsy has been performed by the family's requests that says Johnson died from blunt force trauma.

Now the family is asking for a re-open of the investigation and state and national organizations are taking notice and supporting the cause. "And We've committed to Mr. Johnson that we're with you until the murder of your son is brought to justice," says President of the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP, Edward DuBose.

The Johnson family is asking residents to support their cause and for communicate members to come together. Vice President of the Valdosta State NAACP Chapter helped organize another rally for Kendrick Johnson and says, "For the rally I would say we definitely want people to communicate more and unite, because if i know something and I'm not telling someone, that's wrong. That's not coming together for a common goal and the common goal is justice."