Parents, Teachers Question Quitting Common Core

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Tallahassee, FL -- Oak Ridge Elementary School teacher Shari Gewanter joined interest group Florida For All to voice their concerns about changes to Common Core standards in Florida.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said Florida should move away from the national Common Core practices that are currently in place, and instead consider having its own set of standards. Florida For All sees it as a political move.

"Well I think that some of the Governor's priorities are a little misplaced, and as a public school teacher I'd like to see a greater focus on public school education," said Gewanter.

Inside Tallahassee's Ghazvini Center, Florida's Education Commissioner Pam Stewart listened to the dozens of folks that turned out to voice their opinions on what kind of educational standards the Sunshine State should have.

She disagreed with Florida for All's claims that the state has backed off setting higher benchmarks for students.

"I don't know that I understand what that means about reversing course. In fact, what we're doing is making higher standards for our students and more rigorous standards for our students," said Stewart.

Stewart says that in addition to the hundreds of remarks they've received in person, the Department of Education has received thousands of emails from Floridians with suggestions.

Thursday's public meeting was the third in a series of statewide talks. Commissioner Stewart says that the Department of Education wants to make a final decision by March on the education standards to be implemented in the 2014-2015 school year.

By: Matt Galka
October 17, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Teachers and parents are rallying this evening to speak up about Common Core standards. Florida's Department of Education is hosting a public meeting tonight at the Ghazvani Center on the TCC campus.

Scott said in late September he thinks the state should possibly follow their own standards and pull away from the national standards it currently follows. This has left more than a few teachers upset, causing them to ask questions like "What are we supposed to teach now?"

The group Florida For All feels like the governor has basically stepped back from Common Core as a political move, and he's now leaving the mess up to the teachers and department of education to figure out. The department of ed is holding a meeting right now for public input.

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