'Rapebait' Fraternity Email Causes Stir

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By: Steve Gehlbach

ATLANTA, Ga. — A Georgia Tech fraternity is under investigation for an email sent to pledges. The letter went viral online Monday after it was posted on a number of websites.

Sent by the social chairman of Phi Kappa Tau and titled "Luring Your Rapebait," the email reads like a how-to guide on how to talk to women at parties, get them drunk, dance sexually with them, then have intercourse.

The email includes lines like "If anything ever fails, go get more alcohol" and "no raping."

"It was a joke," said former Phi Kappa Tau pledge Jake Baker. The Georgia Tech freshman is no longer associated with the fraternity, but he's defending his friends.

"As a whole, I don't think you can read the entirety of it and really take it as something meant to be serious."

Baker said he got the email weeks ago during rush activities and was only supposed to be seen by about 15 guys.

"Somebody's got mad, or showed it to the wrong person, and leaked and now it's just viral," Baker said.

The student and the Phi Kappa Tau chapter at Georgia Tech are suspended from social activities while the school and the fraternity's national office investigates.

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