Rattler Fans Still Going to Florida Classic?

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FAMU is about to face one of its biggest money-making games of the year, without its biggest draw, the Marching 100.

The hazing death of Robert Champion at last year's Classic changed that.

Gary Champion says there's nothing like performing in the FAMU Marching 100 at the Florida Classic in Orlando.

"You always get overwhelmed with excitement. That's like the most exciting game because it's the Big Show, it's the Florida Classic." He says.

The sophomore saxophone player won't feel that excitement this year since the band is suspended for the entire academic year. The suspension was imposed after the hazing death of drum major Robert Champion after last year's Classic.

Gary Champion says told Eyewitness News that he knew Robert Champion, but, is unsure they are related. Gary says, "It's kind of unfortunate that we can't perform this year. But, considering everything that's happened..."

FAMU's Sports Information Director says the Florida Classic is the number one classic in the country. Administrators say it, and the Atlanta Classic make up about five percent of the university's budget.

That's largely why fans are urged to still come to the games.

FAMU Junior Willecia Stubbs isn't going to Orlando. She says, "It has nothing to do with that because I never went before. It's simply just because I could have more time here studying."

FAMU student Talonda Grant says, "I'm not going this year. I wish I was." She believes all those who can, should support the school. She says, "If you still support the school, that'll help the band be ready to come back on top. You just have to still have school spirit, even without the band."

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