Raven Street No Longer Accessible From Tennessee Street

By: Lanetra Bennett
March 28, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - A side road in Tallahassee will no longer be accessible to drivers from one of the area's busiest streets.

State transportation officials say the change is a part of a bigger plan to keep pedestrians safe.

The Florida Department of Transportation is permanently closing access to Raven Street from Tennessee Street in Tallahassee. A spokesperson says they're constructing a more pedestrian friendly area.

Joshua Earl walks in the area frequently. He says, "It's a very high traffic area. It's really great to see some thought put into the students."

F.D.O.T. says it's building a pedestrian plaza and mid-block crosswalks that will give pedestrians a safe place to gather and wait to cross the street. When pedestrians press the walk signal... a blinking yellow traffic light will change to red, which signals drivers to stop to let pedestrians walk across.

Earl says, "I've walked across the street multiple times and I've almost been hit by cars. It's just really good to see a more safe and a more well thought about area."

The change is a part of the $4.3 million Tennessee Street project. That overall construction plan includes resurfacing Tennessee Street from Monroe Street to Ocala Road, repairing sidewalks, and installing pedestrian barriers, signage, and other pedestrian safety features.

Tallahassee resident Matt Schreck says, "I think certain parts are more hazardous for pedestrians than others. But, with what they're trying to do here, I definitely think that it'll be an overall improvement."

The parking area off Raven Street will still be accessible from West Virginia Street.

The full project is scheduled to wrap up this summer.

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