Ray City Police Bust Convenience Store For Illegal Gambling

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By Greg Gullberg
March 13, 2013

Ray City, GA - It's a big bust for such a small town. Illegal gambling machines promising spin and win, posted in a local gas station convenience store.

Ray City Police in Berrien County, Georgia raided the "Ray City Corner Market" on Patten Street Tuesday. They confiscated five of those machines and upwards of $5,000.

"People always try to say that gambling is a victimless crime. But it is not a victimless crime. There are more victims than just what meets the eye," said Ray City Police Chief Roy Bamburg.

Chief Bamburg says the biggest problem has been gamblers who can't afford to lose. Mainly disabled locals who bring in their government checks and lay them on the line. When they lose they become a burden for local churches offering support groups.

These "Georgia Skills" games aren't actually illegal to have. They work just like a slot machine. You place your bet and give it a spin. But you can only play for store credit. When they started gambling with money, that's when they starting gambling with the law.

"You're not going to take $50 of your money and try to win a loaf of bread. You're going to take $50 and try to win more money. That's the only purpose for these machines is to make money," said Chief Bamburg.

The Corner Market is still open for now, as they await their punishment. Police need to sort out who all was involved and to what degree. They anticipate arresting at least five people.

"My sworn oath is to protect the people of this city and I intend to do that," said the chief.

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