Reading List Highlights African-American Authors

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Florida Department of Education

Educators recommend books to read in honor of Black History Month –
Tallahassee, Fla., February 11, 2013 – The Florida Department of Education’s Just Read, Florida! office celebrates Black History Month with its recommended reading list featuring the literary works of acclaimed African-American authors.

The selections help young readers understand the influence of African-American culture on society. Students are encouraged to choose from the recommended reading list during Black History Month and throughout the year.

“Reading is the gateway skill for academic success,” said Commissioner of Education Dr. Tony Bennett. “Other subject matters, such as history, are reinforced through reading. It is crucial that educators and parents work together to promote literacy in and outside of the classroom.”

The reading list features both fiction and non-fiction selections, including biographies of influential African-American leaders. To see all of this year’s list, visit the 2013 Black History Month Recommended Reading List.

Just Read, Florida! promotes reading in Florida's public schools and among community groups and volunteer organizations statewide. For more information about the Department of Education's literacy promotion efforts, visit the Just Read, Florida! office.

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