Reading The Label Is Important When Using Pesticides

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By:Emily Johnson
July 18, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Last month a woman in Jefferson County, Georgia died after inhaling the insecticide Fumitoxin. The chemical is normally used in commercial agriculture and is not for residential use. The chemical was used inside of her home which created toxic fumes that led to hear death.

To prevent a tragic incident involving pesticides Thomas County Ag Extension Agent, Andrew Sawyer, told us the most important thing a person can do is read up on the product before using it.

"We need to follow the label. The label on the pesticide tells us everything we need to know," said Sawyer.

The label has the directions as well as a precautionary statement about the product.

Many of the products that a person might have under their sink have the same active ingredients as restricted use pesticides. The big difference is the amount of concentration and the labeling for product use.

Restricted Use pesticides can only be purchased by licensed applicators.

"A private applicators license is what we call it they have to have so many hours every few years to maintain that license," said Sawyer.

Sawyer also told us no matter what type of pesticide is being applied it's important to always wear protective clothing.

"It's still good to wear gloves when you're using them and wear good protective clothing long sleeve shirt, long pants," said Sawyer.

If you have questions about pesticide use you can contact Sawyer at 229-225-4130.

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