Red Light Cameras Cause More Accidents But Less Injuries

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By: Bailey Myers
December 11th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Red light cameras in Tallahassee are capturing more car accidents. That's according to city leaders-- who also say those accidents aren't the ones that should be garnering the most attention.

Representatives from the City of Tallahassee today say after three years they have enough data to bring their stats to the commission for review.

"People have learned where they are they are changing their behavior yellow means slow down and stop not speed up," explained City of Tallahassee Spokesperson, Michelle Bono.

Reasons the Traffic Management Division in Tallahassee is reporting these Red Light Cameras are effective. T-bone accident rates are down 35%, and accident involving injuries are also down 35%, but while serious accidents are down rear end accidents are up 56%.

"I don't like the red light camera's I think they add danger. It seems like the yellows are slower than they used to be," said jone tallahassee Resident John Williams.

Residents like Williams believe the camera's only cause people to stop when they see the light turn yellow in fear of getting a ticket. City research reports the intersection of Monroe and Tennessee used to have around 400 hundred red light runs a day. Now the city reports, thanks to the red light cameras the number is now less than 20 a day.

Over the past three years they have actually only gotten about $497,000, which is much less THAN THE one million they originally projected. Wednesday City Commissioners will hear about the latest red light camera data. Bono says she hopes they will provide some direction in figuring out what's next.

"The goal of this program was to reduce people from running red lights it has been very effective at doing that. It has not been effective in terms of being a money generator for the city," said Bono.

It won't be until August of 2015 until they will review the contract with the Current Red Light Camera Operators.

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