Reenactment Highlights Florida's Largest Civil War Battle

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-- Olustee, Fl -- February 16, 2013 --

One reenactment attendee said "I love it, I think I'll be coming back again." Another said "I think it's great how they're reenacting history."

The fight was back on after nearly one hundred and fifty years at the Olustee Battlefield Historical Park. A reenactment on Saturday afternoon highlighted Florida's largest military fight during the civil war.

There was roughly 10,000 soldiers that fought in the battle which lasted about 5 hours. When all was said and done there was nearly 3,000 casualties.

Participants in the reenactment take the job seriously. One actor, Lane Palmer, said "I think it's also our duty and responsibility to educate. You know we are educators as well. We're historians, we're reenactors, we're educators."

Mitzy Nelson has been on the battlefield every year since the event started 37 years ago. She said "the union troops were marching from Jacksonville to Tallahassee. And actually Tallahassee was the only capital in the south that the union flag never flew over until after the civil war."

Less then a year after the Battle of Olustee General Robert E Lee surrendered officially ending the civil war.

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