Rembrandt Exhibition At FSU's Museum Of Fine Arts

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Emily Johnson
September 20, 2013

An original etchings collection by the renowned Dutch artist Rembrandt Van Rijn is on display at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts now through Sunday October 6Th.

Rembrandt is considered one of the greatest painters and etchers in European art and in Dutch history. This collection is on loan from Drs. Tobia and Morton Mower of Baltimore. The exhibit features 60 of the Morton's 160 Rembrandt pieces.

To see a collection of the Morton's magnitude a person would have to travel to Paris. Students, faculty, staff and community members should take advantage of the opportunity to see this original collection first hand right here in Tallahassee.

The Mortons were on campus today viewing the display and I spoke with Mr. Morton they are more than excited to share their collection with others. "You know for us, simple making it available to people is a joy. The worst thing in the world is to have something beautiful and valuable and just lock it away not let people see it. So we're in the business in liberating art. "

Mrs. Morton explains education is the foundation for what she wants students to take from viewing the artwork. "First of all I love students, I love young people and they have to get educated and I love educating them and bringing it here to Tallahassee really is our pleasure because you wouldn't see it unless we brought it to you."