Repairs Slated for Florida's Old Capitol Building

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Tallahassee, Florida-Florida's old Capitol building is getting a face-lift.

The state legislature approved a plan for about $1.1 million dollars in renovations to the building.

The renovations include painting the interior walls and offices, repairing cracks in the foundation along with fixing any water damage the building has suffered over the years.

The museum says it expects to remain open through the renovation process.

"Last year, the copper on the dome was replaced. This is the next phase of that project. That stopped some leaks that were occurring. Now the next phase will be repairing some of the damage that water caused," says Michelle Gammon Purvis, curator of the Old Capitol Museum.

The state says it should take about a year to complete the renovations. Those will begin in 2013.

The state says it will start accepting bids on the project within the next 30 days.

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