Report: American Airlines Pilot Wanted To Rape, Torture, Massacre Kids

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CBS Miami News Copy

FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A South Florida pilot who was reportedly caught with child porn on a laptop which also allegedly contained graphic descriptions of how he’d like to rape, torture and murder children is scheduled to go before a duty magistrate in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday.

The investigation into 55-year old Christopher Holmes began last April in Texas when drug enforcement agents served a warrant at a residence of man at the center of a methamphetamine investigation. During the search, a lap top was seized.

On the lap top, investigators reportedly found images of child pornography and chat logs. One of the chat logs a person with the screen name was toilettop2000@ wrote about how he would like to violently rape and sexually assault children.

The DEA also found also had a number of alternate email addresses including two on AOL.

Investigators were able to trace the user’s internet address back to Holmes, according to the criminal complaint.

After learning that he was an American Airlines pilot who frequently traveled out of the country, the Homeland Security put his name on a “look out” list.

On August 16th, Holmes arrived at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport on an American Airlines flight from Mexico.

Because of his “look out” list status, Customs and Border Protection agents put him through a “secondary examination” which included the seizure of his laptop.

A Homeland Security forensic expert took a look at Holmes computer a week later and allegedly discovered four images of young children in sexually explicit pictures. It also contained chat logs from August 6th in which he described in detail “his desire to torture, rape, and them massacre young children at school,” according to the criminal complaint.

The laptop also contained a letter of what appeared to be a dead child covered in lacerations and feces. The picture was captioned “This novel way of spitting a meat animal requires that you wire in appendages to the spit before placing it over the coals.”

Based on the contents of the computer, a warrant was taken out for Holmes arrest. He was picked up at his Broward residence and taken to jail where he was placed on a hold for the U.S. Marshal.

American Airlines said Holmes, who has been with them for 23 years. is withheld from duty at this time.

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