Republican Candidate For Senate David Perdue Visits Valdosta

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Republican Senate Candidate, David Perdue, stopped in Valdosta Friday afternoon.

It's part of Perdue's seven day, 50-stop tour around Georgia. Friday is the last day for early voting before the primary on May 20. Perdue shook hands and met with people in Azalea city and also spoke about the issues on his mind, including the national debt.

"We've got this huge debt, the economy has stalled, and we've just got to break out and get this debt solved," said Perdue. "That really pulled me in, you talk about what's on the hearts and minds of people as we go around the state, it's really jobs, how to get the economy going and then really how to get the debt solved," he added.

Perdue will visit Thomasville and Newnan Friday night, Atlanta on Saturday, then a fly-around tour to six cities on Monday.

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