Residents Optimistic About Washington

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When it comes to President Barack Obama's second term, residents in our area say they're trying to be optimistic about the productivity in Washington D.C.

"'We've got to work together and put our differences aside,' said President Obama reading a letter from a Tennessee man that voted against him. "I couldn't say it better myself. That's precisely what I intend to do."

Residents we spoke with say they're optimistic about the two parties coming together and getting work done.

"They need to work together and I have confidence they will," said Marc Taps.

"I think now he realizes that he needs to work with people if they would just work with him," added Arland Billups.

Much of the president's first term was met with gridlock in Congress. Now, people are more optimistic that issues like energy dependency, immigration and medicare can be solved.

"We need to become less oil dependent: more dependent on solar type fuels," said Andy Faust.

As the new Congress and president begin to work on these issues, the process of how they do so will remain under scrutiny.

"It seems like all the bickering if they get beyond all the bickering and dissension and it's greater than any particular party you know it's the United States of America," said Billups. "I think if they look at it from that perspective the whole is greater than some of its parts."

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