Residents Sound Off On Apartment Complex

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The sign along Miccosukee Road advertises Cherry Wood as luxury apartments.

Residents have a different take.

Reporter: "What's it been like living in the apartment?"
Keasia Griffin: "Hell."

Griffin says about a month ago, the ceiling in one of her apartment bedrooms collapsed.

Her three month baby's furniture and clothes were in there.

Fortunately she says her daughter was not.

"It's scary that she could've been in there dead," said Griffin.

The ceiling collapse isn't the only problem in the apartment.

There's a leaky bathtub with mold and dead bugs on the kitchen floor she believes is about to collapse due to water damage.

The apartment underneath Keasia's unit has a hole in the ceiling covered with a trash bag.

We're told it's been that way for months.

There's also mold in the pantry.

"Nobody won't fix anything," said Edrian Rogers.

Rogers showed us the exposed carpet strip in his apartment.

"It actually cut up my foot here and my son, I had to send him back to his mom's house in Fort Pierce," said Rogers.

Other residents showed us holes in the bathroom shower area, a broken socket, a non working kitchen sink, moldy or broken appliances and a moldy utility closet.

Gilbert Jackson says he's had to buy his own refrigerator and freezer.

He also showed us his bathroom ceiling he says leaks whenever his upstairs neighbor uses the bathroom.

He believes it's about to collapse.

"It ain't really been livable because you're trying to get everything you need, they won't get everything you need," said Jackson.

Keasia Griffin says her place is so bad, while she stays at her apartment during the day, she and daughter are sleeping at a friend's place at night.

"Because it could kill us the mold," said Griffin.

On Tuesday afternoon, we talked to the apartment complex manager on site.

He told us a corporate spokeswoman from Ann Arbor, Michigan would get back to us before this story aired on WCTV News.

So far, we haven't heard from her.

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