Reviving the Brogan with Letters of Support

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"Never underestimate your own potential. Yes, their will be hard times, but sticking to your goals will help you overcome the hurdles."

Trish Hanson from The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science reads to Cobb Middle School students her favorite book.

The book inspires her to keep her head up, despite the financial troubles the museum faces.

"The Mary Brogan Museum is like a big part of Tallahassee's Community," said Cobb Middle School student.

Cobb Middle School students are writing letters to keep the doors open.

"I support The Mary Brogan Museum because it was part of my childhood," said Shariah Davis, a Cobb Middle School Student.

Students invited some Brogan Museum employees to their Literacy Week event.

Hanson is hopeful these letters can give that extra push to get the museum up and running again.

"Hundreds of letters from kids supporting the museum is touching and it makes me know there is a place for the Brogan Museum and that we must go on, so yeah I do believe that it's a good push," said Hanson.

The Museum is still in talks with commissioners about the status of the landmark.

As of now, the museum has relaunched itself with a new name and vision.

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