Rich Hopes Voters Will Choose the 'Real Democrat'

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News Release: Associated Press
August 21, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Former Sen. Nan Rich is hoping a solid lifetime record as a Democrat is enough to overcome the name recognition and millions of dollars raised by former Gov. Charlie Crist in Tuesday's primary for governor.

Rich has been campaigning for the nomination for 28 months -- longer than Crist has been a Democrat. She's traveled well over 150,000 miles across the state, attending hundreds of events.

Yet she remains the underdog in Tuesday's primary. Most Democratic Party leaders have backed Crist, thinking his past popularity and reputation as a strong campaigner gives them the best hope to beat Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Despite the odds, Rich has refused to back down, saying a true Democrat needs to be on the ballot instead of a recent convert.

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