Richardson Family Protests Brothers' Conviction [SLIDE SHOW]

Tallahassee, FL - Antonio and Rodrigus Richardson are brothers convicted of murder in Leon County. This morning, the family of the two men is holding a protest at the Leon County Courthouse.

Below, a release from the family lists reasons the family believes they have not been given a fair trial.

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Richardson Family Release

1. The prosecutor repeatedly told the jury that they were incarcerated during the trial. He was told not to in sidebar, and continued to do without any repercussions.

2. The judge is on record saying that he wanted to get the trial over with by Friday, 02/22/2013, because that was his anniversary.

3. The family was locked out of the courtroom during closing arguments. The judge refused to open the doors, despite orders from the chief judge.

4. The state's star witness, Kent Govenor, perjured himself continously on the stand, and the state refuses to file charges against him for this.

5. Defense witnesses were forced to change their statements, while the jury was not in the courtroom.

6. One of the alternate jurors knew one of the state's witnesses. She was not allowed to deliberate, but she had been with the jury all week. The jury took 45 mins to deliberate on a 5 day murder trial. This leads us to believe that there is a good possibility that they discussed the case before deliberation, which would have included the alternate juror, who is now bias.

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