Ride Along: A Look Into The Madison County Sheriff's Office

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It's a day in the life of a Madison County Sheriff's Officer.

We rode along with Corporal Jarrod Lauth to see what it's like patrolling rural Madison County.

MCSO has had a busy 2014 with a shooting, pursuit and drug busts. And, many know to slow down when driving through Madison County on I-10.

"The safety of our county is paramount and we see accidents all the time of young kids traveling through, getting in accidents. There's been some pretty bad accidents on I-10 here in the recent history, those are the reasons we can be out there," Lauth said.

The first call that came in on our ride along stemmed from road rage.

A man claimed an upset driver stopped him and his family on the road, then verbally abused them.

Lauth: "We'll go back to where he said the incident happened and try to trace his tracks and see which way they went. If we find them, we'll try to stop them and talk to them and just make sure they know, advise them of their driving habits."

The next call came from the Department of Children and Families. They asked for help from MCSO on a case about a woman who ended up having two warrants in different counties.

At the home, the family eventually complied, and the woman was arrested without incident.

"It was pretty tense up until we finally were able to talk to the females and get them to calm down and tell us the right information so that way we could try to resolve the problem as quick as possible," Lauth said.

All in a night's work for deputy Lauth and MCSO.

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