Rivers Declared Back To Normal After Major Sewage Spill

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By Greg Gullberg
May 05, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Officials are signaling the "All Clear" after more than one million gallons of raw sewage spilt into local rivers. That's anything that gets flushed down the toilet.

The sewer main burst on April 24th in Valdosta where the Withlacoochee River meets the Highway 133 bridge, not far from Remerton. It sent raw sewage rushing down the Withlacoochee River then spreading to the Suwannee. It flowed for 40 straight hours before it was stopped.

But now officials with the Suwannee River Water Management District say the contamination has passed and the water is back to normal.

For a full week people were instructed to avoid the rivers. But now that they can go boating and fishing again, some say they are still a little apprehensive.

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