Continued Road Closures & Driver Warnings

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Road Closures in Area:

Leon County:
-Crooked Road is closed.
-Fairbanks Ferry Road at the Fairbanks Ferry bridge is closed.
-Flicker Road off Oakridge Road has been closed due to flooding.
-Old Bainbridge Rd has been closed at the County line due to river flooding.
-Orchard Pond Road is closed.
-Tower Road; The dirt part of the road is closed.

Franklin County:
-Gardners Landing Road and Bloody Bluff Rd are closed

Gadsden County:
-Iron Bridge Rd. at the Leon/ Gadsden line is closed. Gadsden County officials recommend taknig Hwy. 27 to get to Leon County.

Jefferson County:
-Curtis Mill Rd.

Madison County:
-Oak Hill Rd.

Decatur County:
-Spring Creek Landing at Brinson Bridge
-Whispering Pines from address 140 to address 157
-Tom Maxwell Road from address 172 to Robinson Mitchell Road
-Palmer Road from Friendship Cemetery Road to Old Whigham Road
-Country Club Road from S.R. 309 to the country club
-Hatcher Road from address 1063 to address 1139
-Rich Road from address 278 to 365
-Johnny Skipper Road from U.S. 27 to S.R. 309
-Batten Road
-Swanwall Road from Brinson Air Base Road to Swanwall Church Road
-Wheat Avenue in Bainbridge, between Shotwell Street and
College Street, next to Memorial Coliseum
- Water partially over the road on U.S. 84 East near Jones Meats,
between Climax and Whigham

Thomas County:

We have a phone line set up for the public to get updated information on road closures in Thomas County. 229-227-4152

Brooks County:
-Rocky Ford Road off Nankin Road Closed, South of Rocky Ford Road to Ochlawilla Road can be utilized.
-Spain Rd off Jackson Road
-Nankin Road Bridge at Lowndes County

Grady County:
-Lower Cairo Road
-Cranford Road

Lowndes County
-This morning at 8:00 the Engineering Department began the procedure of closing Gornto Road at the Earl Wetherington Foot Bridge near the YMCA, due to exceeding water levels of the Sugar Creek. The road will be closed for an undetermined time period. The Department is in constant contact with the Lowndes County EMA regarding information on the Withlacoochee River crest activity.
For more information, contact the Engineering Department office at 229-259-3530.

School Closures:

All schools within the coverage area are known to be open as of 10:30 am, Thursday, February 28th.

Emergency Management Phone Numbers:

Leon Co. Emergency Mgmt: 488-5921

TLH EOC: 891-4810

Gadsden County Emergency Mgmt: 875-8642

Liberty County Emergency Mgmt: 643-2339

Madison County Emergency Mgmt: 973-3698

Suwannee County Emergency Mgmt: 386-364-3405

Taylor County Emergency Mgmt: 838-3575

Wakulla County Emergency Mgmt: 926-0800

Check out the Emergency Management Website for your County at:

Quincy Police Department Release

Area Law Enforcement Warn Motorists About “Wet Weather Driving Hazards”

With the region currently under a flash flood warning after receiving 3-6 inches of rain over the last three days Quincy Police warn drivers to heed the following warnings while driving during periods of heavy rains:

1. Check your vehicle to ensure it is safe to operate. This includes tire tread, brakes, lights and turn signals.

2. Do not drive around warning barricades and cones!

3. Do not attempt to drive through standing road water!

4. With soil saturation trees may fall. If you are trapped in your car by a fallen tree with downed power lines DO NOT GET OUT! Wait for police and utility workers, if possible, to ensure fallen power lines are off. Your car is electrically grounded and a safe place.

Lastly, according to NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, heavy downpours are expected through Tuesday in our region and power at times may be interrupted. This will cause traffic signals to become inoperable. As Florida law instructs all motorist shall treat intersections with inoperable traffic lights as four way stop signs and proceed accordingly with extreme caution. City utility workers in our region will be working as quickly as possible to restore power with safety as the number one priority. Please be patient.

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