Road Closures For Downtown Getdown and Springtime Tallahassee

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Press Release: Springtime Tallahassee

Today, Friday April 5, 2013

Adams St from Park to Pensacola closed from 3 pm

College Ave from Duval to Monroe St closed from 4 pm

Duval from Pensacola to Call St closed from 6:30 pm

These streets will remain closed overnight and until 5 pm Saturday 4-6-13

Saturday April 6, 2013

Monroe St from 6th Ave to Brevard St will close at 6:30 am

Monroe St closure expanded from Brevard to Gaines St at 9:30 am

Madison St from Railroad Ave and Monroe St closed at 9:30 am

Side streets along the parade route will be closed.

Some streets will reopen after the parade.

More information is available at the Springtime website

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