Robbery Of South Georgia Business Caught On Tape, Suspect On Loose

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By: Kara Duffy
April 8, 2013

Thomasville, GA - Thomasville Police say a man robbed Rose City Beauty Supply store in Thomasville around 7:00 p.m. Saturday.

Surveillance video shows the man approach two employees.

Employees told investigators he first asked if they were hiring because his daughter was looking for a job.

When employees told him no, they say he then demanded that they hand over the money.

"He had his hand behind his back, possibly concealing a weapon of some kind she thought, so she went behind the counter and produced whatever money she could, got it for him and handed it to him. At that time, he turned and calmly walked out the front of the store," said Detective Louis Schofill with the Thomasville Police Department.

The employees' children were at the store during the time of the robbery and because of that police say the man will face cruelty to children and armed robbery charges when he's caught.

Anyone with information on this crime should contact Thomasville Police immediately at (229) 227-3302.

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