Traffic Stop Turns Into High Speed Chase After Police Smell Marijuana

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Madison County Sheriff's Office Release

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Sunday the 16th day of December 2012 Madison County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brad Johnson was patrolling an area where complaints had been received concerning drug activity.

Deputy Johnson observed Earl Dewayne Davis driving an older model primer gray 4 door sedan. Deputy Johnson had prior knowledge that Davis’s driver licenses were suspended and the tag on the car that Davis was driving was expired more than 6 months. Deputy Johnson conducted a traffic stop on Davis on Georgetown Road for the expired tag and driver license violation. Deputy Johnson approached Davis’s vehicle and immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana. Deputy Johnson asked Davis for his driver license. Davis turned away as if to retrieve his driver license but instead put the vehicle in gear and sped off at a high rate of speed.

Deputy Johnson returned to his patrol vehicle and began to pursue Davis with blue lights and siren activated. Deputy Johnson caught up to Davis on Georgetown Road as Davis continued to elude apprehension turning North onto Ganzy Street then East onto Brooklyn Ave. Still refusing to stop, Davis turned South onto State Road 14 continuing at a high rate of speed. Deputy Johnson continued to pursue Davis until the engine in Davis’s vehicle began to lose power causing Davis to finally come to a stop just south of Summerset Way on State Road 14.

Davis put his hands up and was ordered out of the vehicle where he was placed under arrest without further incident. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, Deputy Johnson located a pill bottle that contained several Hydrocodone pills (controlled substance not prescribed to Davis), a large gray digital scale with marijuana residue, a shoe box containing a large number of small plastic baggies commonly used to package marijuana and a small amount of loose marijuana. Davis was transported to the Madison County Jail and his vehicle towed by rotation.

Earl Dewayne Davis, 43, of Madison, F.L. was charged with fleeing, eluding, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marjuana, possession of a controlled substance and expired tags.

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