Severe Weather Winding Down

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Rain and wind up to 60 mph now heading toward Atkinson, Clinch, Coffee, Brooks, W Madison, & W Taylor counties.

After the rain is for downed trees & power lines. Plus, strong winds last through tomorrow morning.

Once the line of storms moves past your area, the threat for severe weather is done, and it will turn 15-20 degrees cooler in a hurry!

The line of showers and storms is rapidly weakening and thinning out. Looks like as it moves east, areas will receive less rain and much less wind. The severe weather threat STILL exists, but is going to diminish soon too.

Close to 7pm is when Tallahssee and Thomasville and Wakulla will get the brunt... about another 45 min or so from there and Monticello, Boston, Quitman.... another 30 min from there and Perry and Valdosta gets a turn... now until 9pm looks like the busy time for the central and eastern areas... these cells are still capable of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes... be careful!

National Weather Service Radar is detecting numerous rotating thunderstorm cells - that is triggering the TORNADO WARNINGS. The individual rotating cells are moving northeast at more than 50mph. The actual line of showers and storms is moving almost due east and MUCH slower. It will take a few more hours for the line to clear our area. As the line moves through, more showers and storms are likely.

If you are in an area where there is severe weather, get inside, to the lowest level of the structure, away from windows and doors and exterior walls.

There doesn't need to be a tornado to make a storm severe. Winds in excess of 60mph are no joke and can snap tree limbs and knock out power lines. Please use caution in areas where the storms are crossing.

We will have many updates on TWITTER and FACEBOOK,. please keep checking in with us there...

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