St. Marks Riverfront Design

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
July 12, 2013

St. Marks, FL -"The city will revitalize the area near the river and it will meet the needs of the citizens that perhaps offers some employment and it looks like it will be related to tourism and fishing," said Mike Pruitt from The Saint Marks Waterfront Florida Committee.

The city says it will build apartment complexes and possibly a civic center to bring tourism to the community.

According to the city, the project will not use any tax dollars to build or maintain the new buildings, but it needs more than $500,000 of grant money to get started.

The city says it was looking into revitalizing the area years ago, but the recession and lack of funds caused the idea to fall through. Now, residents have mixed reactions.

"St. Marks is trying to find its niche again, I don't think anybody wants over-development and that has to be decided based on the land mass that you've got and what you put in," said Ray Boles a St. Marks Resident.

The city says they have the blue print mapped out, but all it needs is the funding. The city does have grant money to get started on another project on the St. Marks trail. The city is adding an outdoor movie stage and is re-naming the area Saint Marks Bike Trial Park.

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