Sales On Florida Trails

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By Mike Vasilinda
August 26, 2013

State Trails from one end of Florida to the other are about to sport corporate advertising. The idea raised a lot of red flags with environmentalists, but keeping the trails open was more important than allowing advertising.

During the great recession, state trail enthusiasts saw double digit cuts year after year. Faced with the potential closing of some trails, environmentalists agreed to a plan to allow limited advertising to raise cash. The state office of Greenways and Trails is now negotiating with potential advertisers. “It’s not a billboard, it’s not something you’ll see on a trail, that you’ll be going down the tail and beautiful trees and suddenly there is this huge sign. That’s not going to be the case. So it’s going to be at the trail head of the parking area,” says Doug Alderson, Dept of Environmental Protection.

The Department is being tight lipped over the negotiations, refusing to say who, or how much the signs would bring.

There are actually five comfort stations along this 16 mile trail and the hope is to offset some of the maintenance cost. “Obviously, it won’t cover the entire cost of maintaining these trails. The St. Mark’s trail for example, requires more than 100 thousand dollars a year to maintain that trail,” says Doug Alderson.

Advertising will soon be seen on seven of the ten trails in the state.

Most users initial reaction is “No, absolutely not.”

until they learn the signs will be tasteful. “Well, I can understand tasteful, I would certainly hate to see neon signs or anything of that nature,” says Dennis Scott, Retired Bicyclist.

“I run on this trail so that I don’t have to be on the road and see big billboards, it kind of gets me on the path, connected with nature,” says James Beerens, Runner.

Bids were opened August 7th. The state has until September 7th to cut a deal with potential advertisers.

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