Salvation Army Gives Back This and Every Season

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Tallahassee, FL - The Salvation Army enlists thousands each year to help gather your change around the holidays. But throughout the year people are still working to give back.

The Salvation Army gives people in need vouchers for clothes, shoes and even furniture.

George Schwender, Emergency Disaster Director, "it's a blessing to help a lot of people. You wouldn't imagine how many people come in everyday with vouchers. There are a lot of people who need help."

George Schwender runs the operation. He says everything you donate starts here in the warehouse.

Once they get everything organized and priced, it ends up in the thrift store.

Whether someone has a voucher for free items or is paying, Schwender says the low prices make sure everyone can shop.
"Really? Only three dollars for a pair of jeans?"

Thilana Walker, Salvation Army, "some people have burn outs, some people have floods. Some come from abusive relationships."

Schwender says more people have donated this year than last year.
But more people have also come looking for help.

We've heard all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday but some philanthropists are hoping people will hop on board with Giving Tuesday.

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