Storms Stop the Start of Scallop Season

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By: Bailey Myers
June 29th, 2013

Wakulla County, FL - Today marks the first day of the much anticipated Scallop Season in the Gulf of Mexico. Although shop keepers, boat owners and scallopers alike were ready to hit the gulf something stood in their way.

Crum's Mini-Mall Store Owner Ronald Crum said, "We woke up this morning to thunderstorms high winds."

Weather which doesn't bode well for fishermen hoping to get this seasons first taste of scallops. For business owners along the coast, stormy days can be a little disappointing.

Brittany Regelski, Owner of SaltyNative Boat Works, depends on good weather but she said, "We used to get upset when it was blowing or rainy but now we just accept it. And it is what it is."

The choppy water is not what you want to go out in the gulf on a boat with your family.

Crum explained, "High winds and overcast with rain it makes it almost prohibitive to find the scallops. And I think it's the family safety."

Keeping in mind that scallop season is a time where anyone of all ages can jump into the water and catch some scallops.

Just as long as you have your fishing license a mask and a net. For these business owners its not just about making money-- its about having a fun safe time with family.

Crum said he "was born and raised here on the bay and every year I look forward to taking my family, my grand kids the little kids out with life jackets where they get in the water and the entire family get in the water."

Even though scallop season started off with some rocky weather both scallop enthusiasts and local business owners alike hope that the rest of the season goes smoothly.

You do need a fishing license in order to go scalloping. For more information you can visit the FWC website at the link below.

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