School Bus Evacuation Drill

By: Alicia Turner
August 11, 2014

More than four hundred bus drivers from thirteen counties in the North Florida area were taught how to handle and react in an emergency.

"We don't ever know when it's going to arrive so this keeps us up to date when it does arrive," said a local bus driver.

In an instant a normal ride to or from school can go from ordinary to tragic. Over the last ten years the panhandle area education consortium has brought together bus drivers from northern Florida to teach them how to react in certain situations.

"If a bus accident does happen it takes a little bit for ambulances to get here so they need to know what to do," said Brook Seber, student at Wakulla High School

Seber participated in the bus extraction today. Although she suffered two laceration to her arm in the mock incident she says she walk away with a good feeling for the upcoming school year.

Seber said, " I felt like I was going to be safe for the school year."

Drivers also got the chance to hear first hand from public safety officials who have been involved in tragic incidents.

"These are real life things that have happened and we have the video to go along with it, so these drivers will leave here today knowing that safety is a priority," said Brian Goddin, Safety Specialist in Risk Management Department for PAEC.

Retired firefighter, Steve Miller says there are three things people should take away from this event.

Miller said, "Stay calm and be alert and get the agencies involved as quick as you can."

This was PAEC's first time incorporating a mock bus evacuation.

Wakulla county Sheriff's deputies, EMS and firefighters were all on scene of the mock evacuation to show drivers how to help once first responders and public safety officials show up.

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