Two Gadsden County Schools Cleared of Cheating

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 29, 2014

Gadsden County, FL - The state investigation into school grades at two Gadsden County schools is complete.

The Florida Department of Education investigated Stewart Street Elementary School and Crossroad Academy Charter School. Red flags were raised because of similarities in test scores at both schools.

Now that the investigation is over, both schools can now receive their designated "A" grades.

DOE's letter to the superintendent says, "There was not sufficient evidence to substantiate test tampering, cheating, irregularities, or a breach of district test security."

Kevin Forehand, the principal of Crossroad Academy, says, "We're excited to receive our A. We're thankful that the Department of Education has taken the necessary measures to ensure and validate all of our hard work and our continued success."

Lisa Robinson, the principal of Stewart Street Elementary, says, "We knew that receiving an A; we just knew that because of the hard work that we've done all year long. All of the teachers, they just go over and beyond the call of duty."

Steward Street and Crossroad Academy both also received "A's" for the previous year.

Gadsden County has a total of five "A" schools.

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