4th Grade Teacher Arrested for D.U.I and Marijuana Possession Has Previous Record

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[UPDATE] Tallahassee, Florida- August 13, 2012- 7:30pm

A Tallahassee school teacher is arrested for Driving under the influence and smoking marijuana in her car. Court records show this is the third time the elementary school teacher has been arrested for drinking and driving.

A spokesperson for Leon County Schools confirms that Jacqueline Bartlett was a 4th grade teacher here at Ruediger Elementary and has been teaching in Leon County for nearly 30 years.

People say Bartlett was a well-liked teacher. They were shocked to hear that this weekend's D.U.I. arrest was not the school teacher's first time.

Matthew Hill is about to be a sophomore in high school but, says he remembers his fourth grade teacher at Ruediger Elementary School in Tallahassee: "She was my favorite teacher. It upsets me a little bit. She was a real cool teacher. She let me slide on a lot of stuff."

Police didn't let Bartlett slide...She was arrested for D.U.I. and having marijuana. The arrest report says when officers were called to a crash at Lakeshore and North Monroe Street an officer says he smelled the strong odor of alcohol coming from Bartlett's car.

The officer says as soon as he walked up to Bartlett she said, "I'm a hardened criminal, you need to take me in. Apply the handcuffs."

The arrest report says while the officer was explaining one of the field sobriety tests, Bartlett started reciting her alphabet twice and had to be told to stop. The officer noted that the school teacher sang, "L,M.N,O,B"...instead of "L,M,N,O,P" and "S,T,R.V" instead of "S,T,U,V".

Court records show that this is the third time since 1995 that Bartlett has been arrested for drinking and driving.

Bartlett is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.
Court records show she has been arrested for DUI twice before- once in 1995 and once in 1997. The second time it was reduced to a reckless driving charge.


[UPDATE] Tallahassee, Florida- August 13, 2012- 2:41pm

The spokesperson for Leon County Schools, Chris Petley, says, "The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and will go through due process and our policies."

Petley says Bartlett has been an employee since 1983.


August 13, 2012

Eyewitness News has confirmed that a fourth grade teacher with Leon County Schools has been arrested. 62 year old Jacqueline Bartlett was arrested for D-U-I and possession of marijuana.

The Leon County Jail booking report shows that Jacqueline Bartlett was arrested and charged with D-U-I on Saturday. The Leon County Schools spokersperson has confirmed that Bartlett is a teacher at Ruediger Elementary School.

Ruediger's school website lists Jacqueline Bartlett as a fourth grade teacher.

The charges listed on this past weekend's booking report include DUI and damage property. It also includes refuse to submit to DUI test, marijuana possession not more than 20 grams, and drug paraphernalia.

We have learned that Bartlett has a previous record.

Leon County Court Records show that this is the school teacher's third arrest for drunk driving. The first was in February of 1995. Records show Bartlett pled no contest to a lesser charge of wreckless driving in her second drunk driving arrest in March 1997.

According to the probably cause report, Tallahassee Police responded to the scene of a traffic crash where Bartlett was believed to be at fault.

An officer says as soon as he walked up to Bartlett’s vehicle, she said, ‘I’m a hardened criminal, you need to take me in.’ ‘Apply the handcuffs.’

The officer says he could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from Bartlett’s vehicle.

According to TPD, during a field sobriety exercise, Bartlett started incorrectly reciting her alphabet and had to be told to stop. The officer says Bartlett said, “L,M,N,O,B” instead of “L,M,N,O,P” and “S,T,R,V” instead of “S,T,U,V.”

According to the report, at one point during the field sobriety test, Bartlett said she forgot to return her hands to her side because she has ‘CRS’ which she explained stands for “Can’t Remember…” followed by and expletive. The report says Bartlett told the officer he needed to smile.

The entire probably cause report is attached to this story.

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