Scientists Test Evaporation Principles For A Good Cause

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About two dozen scientists and students were all wet Friday.

"On three, one, two...two and a half, three," was Frank Allen's countdown before they all dumped ice water on their heads.

On a hot day, participants dumped buckets of ice water on their heads to raise money for ALS Research.
ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The dousing took place outside the "High Performance Materials Institute" at Innovation Park.

"While I was in the Navy, I saw at least one person die from this and saw what ALS can do to a person," Allen said.

Allen, who's the institute's operations director, challenged the
FAMU-FSU Engineering School to also face the icy water to raise money for ALS.

FAMU and FSU students took part in Friday's event.

Allen estimates it raised about $300 dollars.

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