Second Harvest Needs Thanksgiving Donations

November 15, 2012 - Tallahassee, FL -

The Second Harvest of the Big Bend says almost 115,000 people in the Big Bend area live in poverty.

The organization is asking for help to feed as many of those people as possible this holiday season.

Tallahassee resident Hiram Green says, "Second Harvest--wow. This is a God-sent for us."

Marshlea Henry feels the same way. Her church, Christian Life Center, will provide meals for 150 families for Thanksgiving. They get the food from Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Henry says, "I feel really good about it and excited that we're able to do this. I thank God."

Administrators say the need for the food bank has gone up, and donations -- which include food and funds -- have gone down.

Second Harvest Executive Director Cheryl Phoenix says, food for the holidays makes a big difference. She says, "When you think about Thanksgiving, it's a time for all of us to come together with our family and friends. Think about if you don't have food to share that with them, then what would you do? Would you be embarrassed or ashamed or try just to pretend like ti wasn't even a holiday? So, it really helps people to come together. It restores a sense of hope for them."

The food that is donated to and distributed from Second Harvest of the Big Bend is more than just a Thanksgiving meal to local families.

Green works at the Haven of Rest in Tallahassee. He says feeding the community is a constant struggle.

Green says, "With what it costs to go to school now that for some of these kids, that's their big meal of the day, period. For some of the people on the street, it may be the only meal they get that day. We couldn't do what we do without the help of the Second Harvest."

To find out how you can help, visit,

Second Harvest of the Big Bend needs donations to help fulfill needs during the holidays. Visit the website below to find out how you can help:

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