Second Largest Gator Caught In Florida at Lake Talquin

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

September 1, 2013

Midway, FL--It all started Saturday night, the Duin family out hunting gator in Gadsden County. After spotting the animal and seven gunshots later the Duin family caught themselves an estimated 500 pound alligator onto their small boat. The gator is the second largest gator caught in the state of Florida.

"Following him on foot, I mean we were pushing him through the mud to stay up with the alligator and we did get close enough and we banged him up the first time," said Robert Duin, who caught the gator.

But Robert Duin says the struggle continued until they decided to tie the rope that was on the gator to the boat.

"I would say seven feet through the mud with three of us in the boat before he stopped," said Duin.

"I was scared that was the longest ride ever of my life, back to the boat ramp and he kept swinging his tail," said Robert Duin, Junior, who helped catch the creature.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission call it the second largest gator caught in the state of Florida. It all happened on Lake Talquin in Midway. The family says the lake seems to be the breeding ground for gators in the area. The Duin's say they had their eye on the beast for months.

"Measured at 14.1," said Duin. "I couldn't be prouder, we do a lot of hunting and fishing and stuff, so all of us to be together, its been very wonderful."