Seminole Golf Course Faces Financial Rough

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By: Mike Springer
June 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-A local golf course finds itself in some financial rough.

The Don Veller Seminole Golf Course in Tallahassee has been running nearly a half-a-million dollar deficit a year for the past five years.

The Florida State University run golf course cites a decline in the sport's popularity and Tallahassee not being a strong golf market because of its younger population as reasons for its struggles.

But despite the financial sand trap they're in, management says there are no plans to sell or close the course.

"The University has absolutely no plans at all to shut the golf course down or sell it to anybody else. The golf course means too much to the faculty and staff to the general community," said general manager, Tim Melloh.

Melloh says the University will look at other ways to tackle its deficit such as possibly raising rates, cutting expenses and adding new programs to attract more golfers.

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