[UPDATE] School Bus Ads Bill Re-filed

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[UPDATE] 9-27 -

A proposal to let school districts allow ads on school busses as a way of bringing in revenue was filed Monday in the Senate. The measure (SB 344) is sponsored by Sen. Bill Montford, D-Tallahassee. The same proposal was filed in the Legislature last session but died in committee in both chambers. A House version (HB 19) of this year's bill has already been filed, sponsored by Rep. Bryan Nelson, R-Apopka.


[UPDATE] 6-23 -

A proposal to let school districts allow ads on school busses as a way of bringing in revenue will be considered by lawmakers again next year. Rep. Bryan Nelson, R-Apopka, last week filed the bill (HB 19) for the coming session. Nelson co-sponsored the same measure last year, but it died in committee in both chambers.


Senator Bill Montford is proposing a plan to let school districts sell advertising on buses to raise money for the school district. In the aftermath of Governor Rick Scott's budget proposal with more than $3 billion dollars in cuts to education, educators say any little bit will help.

Senator Bill Montford said these are hard times and his legislation gives school districts the option to generate revenue.

Senator Montford said, "This is a way for the school district to make a decision, if they wish to do this and generate some funds to be able to save some programs or save some jobs then I think it's a very good move."

Guidelines will be in place as to who can or cannot advertise on the buses, Montford said there is already a precedent set by ads at high school stadiums.

"There are good measures, there are good guidelines, there will be nothing offensive, nothing questionable," Senator Montford said.

Students we spoke to say if it means helping the school, they don't mind the ads.

Leon High School Jon Bielby said, "Anything that can help get the money back in the system and back on our feet, I'm a fan of."

His classmate, Savannah Kelly, agreed, "It'd be really different to see advertisements for different companies on a school bus, you don't really think about it, but if it helps education and helps fund it, I support it."

Senator Montford is unsure of just how much money these ads will make because school districts will have the option to take part in the sale or not. If passed the sale of advertisements on buses will start July 1st, 2011.

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