Senior Citizens in Need of Help As Weather Dips

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Elsie Watson lives at Cherry Laurel, an independent retirement community. For her, she says old age makes already cold weather, worse.

"I like to be warm," she said.

She's more fortunate but for struggling senior citizens, the cold weather poses many problems.

According to the non-profit, Elder Care Services, they get six to 15 requests a day from seniors. The seniors ask for blankets, heaters and assistance with paying their utility bills.

"A lot of our seniors here living in the Tallahassee area, they're living on low income and they're having to budget line item by line item the things they can afford," said Amber Tynan with Elder Care Services

Everyone wants to stay warm when it's cold, but with the elderly, health risks rise more easily when it's chilly.

"It's better health wise for them so they don't catch a chill and catch a cold, and also for the arthritis, it helps to be warm instead of cold," said Delaine Congilaro, manager at Cherry Laurel.

"I'm afraid I might catch amonia or something if I get out in the cold too much," said Carline Davis, resident at Cherry Laurel.

During this cold weather period, Elder Care Services is asking the community to help out.

"Anybody in the area that wants to help they can either make a financial contribution and designate it towards our energy assistance program or they can actually purchase heaters themselves or blankets," Tynan said.

Cherry Laurel has already answered the call. They're hosting a blanket drive in the near future.

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