Severe Weather Leads To Downed Trees, Power Outages and More in Tallahassee

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The city of Tallahassee had more than 9,000 people without power Thursday evening in several sections of the city.

One of the biggest outages was on Mahan Drive, where a tree knocked out power to several areas. The city says most power has since been restored.

The heavy wind and rain also caused a tree to fall over on a car, trapping two people inside.

It all happened at the Paddock Club Apartments in Tallahassee.

Witnesses tell us the car's passenger got out through the back window. EMS crews later pulled out the driver. One witness describes what he saw.

"I thought it was a tornado, so I ran out on my porch, then the trees were blowing over really hard and at that time, the car was coming by. It's like slow motion, the tree just came down right on top of the car, cracked like lightning and it just came right down," said Brent McClellan, a witness and resident at Paddock Club Apartments.

The car's driver and the passenger were taken to the hospital.

There's no word on the extent of their injuries.

The city's twitter feed said there are still thousands of scattered outages and adds crews will continue to work through the night.

We are getting reports that Old Bainbridge Road between 5th Avenue and alabama street are closed due to flooding as well.

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