Sex Trade Victims Speak Out During Community Forum

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By: Bailey Myers
June 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Domestic violence claims many victims. They include people in the sex trade.

One woman, Vednita Carter recounted her experience by saying, "It was put in a way to trap young women. And I was 18 years old at the time."

Vednita Carter says what started off as a fun dance job soon turned into stripping without pay.

Carter explained, "Well you know I did get out in a year because I was able to call someone and get help out and that was not easy it was very hard to say what I was doing."

Vednita's story was highlighted as a part a forum on helping victims of abuse, including in the sex trade.

The Executive Director of Refuge House Inc. Meg Baldwin deals with victims of abuse regularly and she explains, "Many victims are facing immediate retribution and violence from those folks who benefit financially from their prostitution."

There are 80 people all hoping to learn a little bit more about how to take care of those thousands of individuals who are at risk of being domestically abused right here in Leon County.
Baldwin explained, "So as those at risk populations grow so to does the need for us to identify need for providing services in support for those who are experiencing prostitution."

And through this seminar victims with real life experience are sharing their story to help stop the problem.

Carter later added, "You know what I would say to women that may be watching this and may be involved in the life? I would tell them that there is hope and you do deserve better."

For more information please visit the Refuge House Inc. website at:

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