Shaw Center For Women Receives Grant

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A Thomasville clinic received a rather large check today.

The Shaw Center for Women's Health received a $50,000 grant check from Peach State Health.

The grant will help the Shaw Center give its patients improved access to their services, and because Thomasville has an unusually high level of at-risk pregnancies, the Center and officials hope that they money will provide the advancement it needs to treat these particular patients.

"Investing in the capacity to treat the problems associated with high-risk pregnancy, helps the mother, helps the baby, and really helps all of us because it saves considerable amounts of money down the road," said Patrick Healy, President and CEO, Peach State Health Plan.

Speaker of the House David Ralston and State Representative Darlene Taylor were also present to help in the offering of the check.

The grant will also help cover costs for a midwife or case manager for the Center.

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